"The programming and coaching my child has received through this program have been above and beyond what we could have expected. He has developed not only in terms of his hockey skills, but also in his overall physical literacy and abilities, and in his confidence. The instructors lead from a place of kindness and love of sport, and that is evident in all of the work they have done to develop this program and these athletes. We 100% recommend this program to other families who are interested in expanding their child's skills and giving them access to a wide range of activities. "

-Parent of a U7 athlete

"Our son is only 5 years old and having only been introduced to team sports last year, we were weary on whether he would keep up with older children. He did struggle at first however I found that under the great teaching and guidance of an abundance of skilled coaches, his level of progression has truly gone up quicker than I expected. Add on the experience of playing all the other sports as well, we are very happy and grateful this program was available to register him in."

-Parent of a U7 athlete

"We are proud to be part of a program that encourages physical literacy and total athlete development through a variety of activities at a young age while also providing high level skill instruction in both on ice and off ice activities!"

-Parent of a U7 athlete

"This has been a great program for my son. He looks forward to attending each session, and he has improved his overall athletic skills. The coaching and leadership has been outstanding as well. This has been a very positive experience overall."

-Parent of a U9 athlete

"I was a fan of the concept from the first time I heard it.  Having 3 kids, I knew sports was going to be a challenge.  Hockey is something I grew up with, and I really wanted for my kids as well.  This program allows them to play hockey, but exposes them to a whole giant world of sport that, without this program they would have never seen.  Honestly, how can anyone afford to put their kids into this many sports in a year?!  The value, not only financially, but the experience gained, is by far the best thing for them; especially at this age.  I am seeing more progress made on the ice, as everyone gets lots of opportunity with the puck.  The other sports are a bonus!  Who knows what they are going to excel at!  Having proper coaches for every sport too, is huge!  It's not just a parent volunteer that played when they were kids, but trained coaches who know what they are doing.  I love that it spans the school year, and with a new sport every month it keeps them engaged, excited, and always learning.  Growing physically and mentally.  Another added bonus, I bet some of these friendships made will last a lifetime!"

-Parent of a U7 and U9 athletes