Total Athlete Development Program

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About Us

Developing the Total Athlete

We are challenging the status quo by diversifying experiences to develop better total athletes. We are rethinking athlete development with the belief that youth development should not be specialized.

Pursuing Innovation

Exposing our youth to a variety of movements and activities will better prepare them to be successful athletes in their chosen sport focus in the future. We want to maximize the potential of each player and to do so in a collective, safe environment.

Generalists Triumph

To develop athletes that are agile, powerful and fast, young athletes must move in many different ways. Focusing on one sport limits overall muscular development. In the early stages, skill development is not as important as overall athletic development.

Focus on the Root, not the Fruit

We believe that physical literacy is at the root of developing a better overall generalist athlete. In this process, youth will dig their roots deep into becoming a confident, physically literate athlete.

One-Stop Shop Program

Our athletes get to explore the sport of hockey consistently, while also being exposed to a different focus sport each month!

Hockey - Soccer - Handball - Basketball - Downhill Skiing - Workouts - Floorball - Karate - Gymnastics - Badminton - Golf

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